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This is a guide to the charges when we or a sub-contractor deliver the equipment to the given venue postcode.

Please note we only unload to a distance of 30 metres from the van on level ground. If steps, lift, gravel, uneven or sloping ground are to be encountered, then we need to be informed! This is required in case we need to send an additional person to help the driver to be away on time.

Transport charges are workout by Postcode, which we ask you to provide.

The price shown is for a single journey (the delivery or the collection) and will apply again for any additional journey.

It covers a single item to a van load, if the van load is exceeded then a revised charge will be based on whether it is best to use a second van or the best size vehicle to carry the load (Luton, 7.5 ton). We charge £39.00 per hour to transport equipment by van (like a London taxi hourly rate or man and van), it is estimated on how long we expect to make the return (round) journey. We do not charge any extra if we get stuck for hours in a traffic. The time it takes in perfect conditions is extended to accommodate the expected delays:  

(general traffic conditions, slow moving traffic, traffic lights, road works, diversions and the motorway general delays). not the unexpected delays!

There is the option of the driver / operative to stay, serve, supervise or help out for the duration of your event. This can be exchanged for the time it would take for return collection journey; provided the attendance time does not excessively exceed the original time taken for the return collection journey.

Some of the equipment rental already have the element of transport cost built into the price, i.e. Casino tables, simulators.

LOCAL AREAS - The local delivery charges is £30.00. (For the single return Journey) and the charge applies again for the collection journey.

Ascot, Burnham, Eaton wick, Egham, Englefield Green, Gerrards Cross, Farnham Royal, Holyport, Iver, Langley, Maidenhead, Poyle, Richings Park, Slough, Staines, Taplow, Windsor, Winkfield, Virgina Water, Wraysbury.

All prices shown below applies for just the delivery

it will apply again for the collection.


West London (W14) £75.00. Knightsbridge £85.00. West End £95.00+CC

Central London £105.00+CC City £110.00+CC East London from £120.00.

W5 £55.00.

SW1, SW18, £105. Sw2, SW9 £115. SW3, SW11, £95  SW19 £90.00.

Se17 £100. Se20, Se22, £110. SE15, £115 SE21 £105.

SE1 from £105+CC.

N1, N5, £115. N16 £105. N7, N8, N18, N11, £100.00. N3, N10, N13, £95.00.

NW1, NW7, NW8, £95. NW2, NW4, £90.00. NW3, NW5, £105. NW6, £85.00.

E1, E14, £130. E3 £120. E2, E4, E6, E11, E16 £125. E5, E8 £140. E9 £150.

SSW; Sm3, SM4 £80.

Clapham Common £90. Croydon £100.00.

TW1, £75. KT10, £60. TW12 £50. KT8, TW9 £65.

Harrow £70.00. Bushey £55.00. WD6 £75.00.

Byfleet £60.00. Kingston-on-Thames £60.00.

London Exhibition Venues

Olymipia Exhibition centre, Hammersmith Road, W14 8UX £95.00.

ExCel E16 1XL £170.00.

Business Design Centre £115.00.

Hilton London Metropole Hotel £90.00.

QE2 Conference Centre SW1P3EE £120.00 (includes congestion).

Nationwide Exhibition Centres

Brighton Centre £135.00.

Millbrook £160.00.ICC £160.00. Warwick Exhibition centre CV31 1XN £160.00.

N.E.C. £170.00

IFP Conference (Celtic Manor) £180.00 + Toll.

Manchester CCC £320.00.

Other towns and cities (approximate charge).

WEST                                   EAST

RG4 £62. RG9 £60. RG10 £40. RG30 £60.         Brentford £50.00.

Reading £55.00.                               Richmond £65.00.

Thatcham £75.00.                              Chigwell £105.00.

Newbury £78.00. Hungerford £80.00.            Brentwood, Dartford, Romford £120.00.

Swindon £105.00.                              Basildon, Billericay, Chelmsford £130.00.

Cirencester £125.00.                          Braintree £145.00.

Bristol, Chelwood, Bath £145.00.              Southend-on-Sea £155.00.

Weston-Super-Mare £175.00.                    Colchester £165.00.

Newport £200.00.(inc. crossing).              Clacton on Sea £175.00.

Cardiff £225.00.(inc. crossing).              Ipswich £190.00.

NORTH                                  SOUTH

St Albans £75.00.                             Leatherhead, Woking, Guildford £60.00.

Luton £85.00.                                 Dorking £65.00

Hitchin £90.00. Milton Keynes £90.00.         Reigate £70.00

Northampton £115.00                           Goldalming, Gatwick, Redhill £80.00.

Peterborough £145.00.                         East Grinstead £90.00.

Leicester £150.00.                            Midhurst £95.00.

Nottingham £180.00.                           Horsham £97.00.

Sheffield £220.00.                            Southampton, Chichester £115.00.

Manchester, Selby £280.00.                    Brighton, Worthing £120.00.

Leeds £300.00.                                Bognor Regis, Portsmouth £125.00.

Harrogate £320.00.                            New Forest £120 / 125.00.

Glasgow £490.00.                              Bounemouth £140.00.

Aberdeen £690.00.                             EastBourne £150.00.

NORTH WEST                             SOUTH WEST

High Wycombe £42.00.                          Andover £90.00.

Amersham £50.00.                              Salisbury £120.00.

Aylesbury £78.00.                             Shaftesbury £160.00.

Oxford / (Blenhiem Palace £80.00.             Yeovil £175.00.

Chipping Norton / Banbury £95.00.             Taunton £190.00.

Heythrop Park £100.00.                        Honiton £205.00.

Stratford £120.00. Coventry £130.00.          Exeter £225.00.

Birmingham £160.00.                           Exmouth £240.00.

Liverpool. £300.00.                           Torquay £260.00.

Preston £310.00.                              Plymouth £290.00.

NORTH EAST                             SOUTH EAST

Braintree £135.00.                            Sevenoaks £95.00.

Sawston £140.00.                              Maidstone / Tunbridge Wells £115.00.

Cambridge £160.00 .                           Chatham / Sittingbourne £120.00

Peterborogh £175.00.                          Ashford £130.00.

Bury St. Edmunds £185.00                      Uckfield / Ashford £130.00.

Diss / Ipswich £190.00.                       Folkestone £140.00.  

Norfolk £240.00.                              Canterbury £150.00.  

Kings Lynn / Norwich £245.00.                 Dover £160.00  

Lincoln / Great Yarmouth £275.00.             Hastings / Margate £170.00.

WEST NORTH WEST                          SOUTH SOUTH WEST     

Cheltenham / Glouchester £140.00.             Basingstoke £65.00.

Hereford £180.00.                             Winchester £85.00.

Shrewsbury £200.00.                           Southampton £115.00.

Liandindod £250.00.                           Portsmouth £125.00.

Oswestry £265.00                              Bournemouth £140.00.

Transportation Guide