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POPCORN  pricing details

All prices are exclusive of vat

It is possible to make and serve a portion of popcorn every 20 seconds.

Both the machines rented have 8oz. kettle to pop the corn.

Power requirement:

American 8oz 1430 watts: 6 amps.


American 8oz 25kg.


American 8oz Popper 470mm x 56mm x 760mm.

Cart 950mm x 600mm x 850mm. (1600mm combined height).



American 8oz; Front facing of popper 495mm x 625mm.

Sides of the popper unit: 410mm x 625mm.

Front facing side of the popcorn cart is usable: 500mm x 380mm. (L x H).

Front of cart 430mm x 380mm / 390mm x 310mm (between screws).

Back of cart 300mm x 380mm / 260mm / 390mm (between screws).

You can make a place card / A frame / Box to sit on the top (420mm x 330mm).

One-day machine hire

American Popcorn machine £75.00. Popcorn cart £15.00.


Popcorn kernels (22.7kg) makes 700 x 1oz servings £43.20 (zero rated).

Pre popped corn (sweet or salted) Sleeve has 60 x 1oz servings £22.00.

Boxes (box of 500) £66.00.(£0.13p each).

Cones (£62.00. per 1000, £7.00 per 100. £0.08p each).

Bags – plain (per 1000) £15.00.

Other consumables (corn oil) £1.80 per litre. Granulated sugar £1.20 per kg bag.

exhibition stand attraction trade show idea.

Information on Popcorn Machines and Consumables

Popcorn Machine Hire, a fun idea for a trade show!

Details and Consumables;  Most prices are subject to vat.

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