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We are based near Heathrow

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+(44) 7836 712 712

3 St. Peters Close, Old Windsor,

Berkshire, SL4 2PW

Do you travel / deliver to…….?

Yes. We do need the postcode?

We travel / deliver local, UK and International.

The postcode will define the cost of transportation.

Please look at the guide to transport charges as link below;

A Guide to Transport Charges

Are the consumables included in the price

of the hire?

No. We need to know the amount required to calculate costs:

Please request a download of costing for each fun food

All unopened packs are returnable for credit

Is the operative included in the price of

 the machine hire?

Yes and No. The operative is sometimes included in the price when they are an essential part of the service provided

But they are normally paid on the total job hours:

(Loading, travelling, setting-up, supervising / serving,

 packing away, travelling back and unloading).

Different hours may be charged at different rates:

(09.00hrs. – 18.00hrs. after 18.00hrs, after 24.00hrs,

after 02.00hrs. Saturday, Sunday).

Do we let the equipment out on hourly rate?

No. Our minimum charge is a day’s hire (22 hours).

Regardless of 10 minutes or 22 hours!

The equipment still has to be maintained, cleaned, sterilised. This is a major part of the hire charge.




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